The lawyer – the person with legal education.

The graduate of college owns fundamentals of humanitarian and social and economic sciences; is able to use the gained knowledge in professional and other activity; knows principles of the Constitution of RK, ethical and the precepts of law governing the relations of the person to the person, society, the surrounding environment; has the culture of thinking, knows a state language of RK-Kazakh and language of the official use – Russian; competently uses professional lexicon;
is able to make computer information processing.

Objects of professional activity:
courts, departments of bailiffs, notary offices, tax authorities, justice departments, law-enforcement bodies and prosecutor's offices, local and administrative organs, enterprises, institutions, public associations. At the same time they can hold positions of secretaries of vessels, court clerks, bailiffs, inspectors of departments, the pasportist managing office, codifiers in special libraries, lawyers – pretenzionist, secretaries of receptions and so forth.

Possibility of continuation of education of graduates of college:
     - in the highest professional educational institutions on related specialties with the reduced training term;
     - in the educational and methodical centers of the relevant ministries and departments for professional development.

During training in college students study objects for a course of high school and special objects:
     - cultural science;
     - fundamentals of philosophy;
     - bases of the economy;
     - fundamentals of political science and sociology;
     - bases of the theory of the state and right;
     - RK history of state and law;
     - law enforcement agencies of RK;
     - Constitutional right;
     - Administrative law;
     - ecological right;
     - financial right;
     - tax right;
     - office-work in a state language;
     - ethics and psychology in professional activity of the lawyer;
     - the automated processing of legal information; civil law;
     - civil procedural law;
     - labor law and right of social protection;
     - criminal law;
     - criminal procedural law;
     - notariate;
     - fundamentals of criminalistics;
     - judicial office-work;
     - executive right;
     - legal statistics, judicial rhetoric, culture of a written language.

Students set the gained knowledge in professional practice.


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